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Digital Green Tea is a leading Search Engine Optimization agency built to over-deliver for every client it accepts. Our system is founded on teamwork, transparency and achieving massive results. We are dedicated to helping business owners achieve and sustain high rankings on Google. By championing new methods, we have found success where others have failed. While we can not guarantee rankings, we can promise exceptional value and professional services backed by results.


Meet The Digital Green Tea Team

Jeffrey Ito
Jeffrey ItoFounder
Jeffrey Ito is a serial entrepreneur known for founding Digital Green Tea in 2017 an Internet Advertising & Media Company that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). He is an active investor in a number of online brands and iOS apps. His ultimate goal is to create optimized technology systems that benefit humanity.
Ifeanyi O.
Ifeanyi O.Social Media Strategist
Ifeanyi O. is a former wall street professional with experience in financial services, venture capital / entrepreneurship and internet marketing. He formerly served as Internet Marketing Coordinator of SmileTV LA, and has been involved with various small businesses and startups in Los Angeles, helping raise over $350,000 for local startups in the past 5 years and managing dozens of online entities.

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