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A watchful eye will be placed on key SEO metrics to ultimately increase your brand visibility and business revenues.


You begin to dominate search results for your key terms. You’ll get found; you’ll get chosen. You stand out amongst giants.

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Why Our Clients Set Their Expectations High

Working with Jeff and his team at Digital Green Tea has had a dramatic and direct impact on the growth of my business and my clients’ businesses. The quality of work and care Jeff provides is unmatched by any other agency I’ve worked with, by far!

Aaron Mckeown, Digital Storm SEO

Jeffrey is truly inspiring 🙂 Not only is he completely professional and ethical, he is very knowledgeable in the SEO industry. You cannot go wrong in hiring him!

Hanna Groves, Divergent Media

Jeffrey and his team have been invaluable in growing my business and website traffic. Their expertise and ability to respond to changing Google algorithms is amazing.

Rohit Raut, Quantum Leap SEO

Jeffrey and Digital Green Tea can give you the ability to focus on your industry without getting lost in search engine algorithms and updates.. Just let them handle your SEO will be one of the most calming experiences you could have. They’ll not only get you on page one but KEEP you there.

Gibran Jones, Krimson Square

Jeffrey is easy to work with and his knowledge in SEO impressed me deeply. Highly recommend engaging Jeff and his digital marketing company if you get the opportunity as he will bring your business to the next level!

Veronica Lim, CEO Solutions

9 Exciting Benefits of Digital Green Tea – The #1 Malibu SEO Company

To create a business that is truly large in scale, you have to think bigger than the mundane daily tasks and focus on strategy. It is clear that the Internet and websites are becoming an ever more effective medium for spreading ideas and communication. When it comes to business related activities, it is imperative that your online efforts ensure that you gain proper visibility on Google.

There are several fundamentals you will need to grasp before choosing any search engine optimization agency. This includes the type and size of your business, the interests of your customers and the competition (hint: most businesses are not well optimized for SEO). Malibu SEO is the best expert who can work as your partner to increase the traffic on your website effectively and efficiently. Our skills, knowledge, and network will skyrocket your presence on page 1 of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

*A pleasing user experience on your website:
For those who just want to get a website up and running, Malibu SEO helps you create a smarter, faster and more well-appreciated website not only for your customers but also for search engines. When your visitors are happy, search engines are happy. When the search engines are happy, local businesses benefit by establishing a strong presence on maps and local search. SEO consists of optimizing the website architecture and links to make the website friendlier and easier to navigate. Malibu SEO employs the latest on-page SEO techniques to improve the visceral experience for users.

*Increased traffic:
Another crucial benefit you’ll get from hiring Malibu SEO Company is the increase in the volume of targeted traffic. By utilizing careful keyword selection we are able to artfully improve the quality of visitors to your website. This key element of SEO ensures that you convert only the best customers into sales. Our team only employs effectual techniques that increase the traffic on your website safely and securely. If you didn’t already understand, more targeted traffic essentially means more paying customers.

*Slide past the competition:
Choosing Malibu SEO experts to optimize your website is a fast and easy way to sprint past your competition. The truth is that most people go to Google, either on the computer or on their smartphones, to figure out how to solve a problem. Imagine if you were a business in an industry that solves a problem for a certain type of person but did not show up in search results when they went to go look for you. Other things being equal, the company with the optimized website (#1) will be the one customers find and ultimately choose to solve their problem. Successful SEO can significantly boost the bottom line of a business as it is likely to grow faster than those with none.

*Return on Investment (ROI):
Effectively building a website and hiring Malibu SEO Company to provide SEO services for you will require an investment in yourself. Keep in mind, the results of these services will enable you to earn a pleasant long-term return on investment. No matter whether if you are an e-commerce or service-oriented business such as a chiropractor (see more: Chiro Scout), our SEO service will provide htransparent and quantifiable results. Nearly every aspect of our strategic planning such as an increase in traffic, search rankings and conversions is trackable. Utilizing a comprehensive analytics system we are able to drill down into key demographic information such as bounce rate, device, and engagement to learn about individuals who have interacted with your website.

*Authority brand credibility:
Positioning your website at the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing translate to more exposure and significant impressions for your business. Believe it or not, nearly everyone trusts results that are at the top of the search engines more than those at the bottom. Hiring our Malibu SEO service will result in your website ranking in the top search engine ranking positions. With the increased usage of mobile phone devices worldwide comes more opportunities for users to see your brand and associate with it.

*See more customers inside the doors of your business:
With the help of LA SEO, you have the potential to target customers that are specifically looking for your products and/or services. This increase in organic traffic will ultimately translate to increased overall gross sales and net profit margins.

*Permanent results:
Unlike advertisements, the results of our SEO expert services are permanent. The power behind your website does not suddenly disappear the instant you stop paying for the service. Despite the Google algorithms constant changes, once you achieve that top 1st spot ranking it will be quite difficult to knock you out of it.

*Achieve higher conversion rates:
Malibu SEO experts help to optimize your website, therefore, making it fast, user-friendly and compatible with all mobile and tablet devices. Ultimately, combining blazing fast website speeds with high search rankings leads to better conversions.

*Long-term success:
Doing SEO is the best marketing strategy because once you achieve that favorable positioning you will get the long term benefits that come with that. Unlike Pay-Per-Click, your website will get the positioning on the popular search engines for many keywords by our brilliant SEO experts. It is one of the best marketing strategies period. SEO is a cheaper and long term solution. The cold hard truth is that search engines solve all of our informational problems so perfectly well and connects the Internet to the rest of the world.

If you are hiring for Malibu SEM services to get search marketing work done for your business, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. Perform a thorough background check of the service provider you are considering to determine their capability to do the work. Always be sure to do some research to see if they can provide custom-built solutions and strategies for your business or not. Lastly, do a price comparison check with other service providers and see if this is reasonable or not for you. Once a thorough consensus has been reached with all these aspects considered, you can now go ahead and hire the best Malibu SEO company for your business.

Digital Green Tea is an excellent way to promote your products and services on a global platform & network. Search engine optimization provides visibility 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and every day of the year.

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