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Our team will dive directly into the nuts & bolts of your website so you can get a clear understanding of your SEO potential.


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Using only the most effective and efficient methods, your website will be optimized for both search engines and humans.


A watchful eye will be placed on key SEO metrics to ultimately increase your brand visibility and business revenues.


You begin to dominate search results for your key terms. You’ll get found; you’ll get chosen. You stand out amongst giants.

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Why Our Clients Set Their Expectations High

Working with Jeff and his team at Digital Green Tea has had a dramatic and direct impact on the growth of my business and my clients’ businesses. The quality of work and care Jeff provides is unmatched by any other agency I’ve worked with, by far!

Aaron Mckeown, Digital Storm SEO

Jeffrey is truly inspiring 🙂 Not only is he completely professional and ethical, he is very knowledgeable in the SEO industry. You cannot go wrong in hiring him!

Hanna Groves, Divergent Media

Jeffrey and his team have been invaluable in growing my business and website traffic. Their expertise and ability to respond to changing Google algorithms is amazing.

Rohit Raut, Quantum Leap SEO

Jeffrey and Digital Green Tea can give you the ability to focus on your industry without getting lost in search engine algorithms and updates.. Just let them handle your SEO will be one of the most calming experiences you could have. They’ll not only get you on page one but KEEP you there.

Gibran Jones, Krimson Square

Jeffrey is easy to work with and his knowledge in SEO impressed me deeply. Highly recommend engaging Jeff and his digital marketing company if you get the opportunity as he will bring your business to the next level!

Veronica Lim, CEO Solutions

3 Benefits Of Choosing Digital Green Tea – The Top San Diego SEO Company

Running an SEO campaign in San Diego requires meticulous preparation. Those who are not running a proper campaign will be the ones who are going to lag behind. It is hard to catch up in this area because of the competition. Most businesses are now starting to realize the potency of SEO and what it can do for their bottom line. It is a great digital marketing tactic and one of the most powerful solutions for those who want to make money and lots of it. This San Diego SEO company is ready to assist clients in setting their foundation and building a world-class SEO campaign in days.

1. Comprehensive Customization

An SEO campaign is all about customization and making sure it fits the niche you’re in as a business. Getting the wrong keywords or not going after the right audience may lead to insufficient results. This SEO company is the best in San Diego because it takes the time to learn what the client is after, understand the business model, and then build a robust SEO campaign. This is all about remaining meticulous and getting things done the right way. All customization options are flexible and modern.

2. Fast Results

SEO is all about generating results, and that is the crux of any marketing campaign. You want to get the ball rolling and make sure it results in positivity. You want things to move along, and this SEO team knows what it takes to press forward. You should never have to wait for the SEO campaign to settle in because the results should start clicking in immediately. This is a seasoned SEO team in San Diego and knows how to get the ball rolling. The campaigns will be set into motion and are going to come with complete reports to illustrate what’s being done and how it is going to generate revenue.

3. Safe Methods

It is the type of SEO methods used that will make or break your campaign(s). Be sure to go with an SEO company that can build safe, powerful links to get real effective results such as Solar SEO. No one should go with those who are lacking certification, expertise, or the willingness to record their work. This is the difference between those who are professionals and those who are running average campaigns with reckless abandon. Please note, you are putting your business in jeopardy by using improper blackhat tactics for SEO purposes. This can tarnish the business and make it impossible to rank for keywords in your niche ever again.

This is why you want to go with a trustworthy SEO team in San Diego and get the job done correctly. This team is going to help customize the SEO campaign and make sure it comes out to be the way you want it. This is a must for those who are tired of not knowing what to do for their digital marketing needs. Set the tone with the help of high-quality San Diego SEO and feel good about the ongoing campaign. All it takes is one call to get things rolling with the help of a great SEO specialist.

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