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Our team will dive directly into the nuts & bolts of your website so you can get a clear understanding of your SEO potential.


We create a powerful strategy for keyword domination that is customized to the needs of your business and customers.


Using only the most effective and efficient methods, your website will be optimized for both search engines and humans.


A watchful eye will be placed on key SEO metrics to ultimately increase your brand visibility and business revenues.


You begin to dominate search results for your key terms. You’ll get found; you’ll get chosen. You stand out amongst giants.

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Why Our Clients Set Their Expectations High

Working with Jeff and his team at Digital Green Tea has had a dramatic and direct impact on the growth of my business and my clients’ businesses. The quality of work and care Jeff provides is unmatched by any other agency I’ve worked with, by far!

Aaron Mckeown, Digital Storm SEO

Jeffrey is truly inspiring 🙂 Not only is he completely professional and ethical, he is very knowledgeable in the SEO industry. You cannot go wrong in hiring him!

Hanna Groves, Divergent Media

Jeffrey and his team have been invaluable in growing my business and website traffic. Their expertise and ability to respond to changing Google algorithms is amazing.

Rohit Raut, Quantum Leap SEO

Jeffrey and Digital Green Tea can give you the ability to focus on your industry without getting lost in search engine algorithms and updates.. Just let them handle your SEO will be one of the most calming experiences you could have. They’ll not only get you on page one but KEEP you there.

Gibran Jones, Krimson Square

Jeffrey is easy to work with and his knowledge in SEO impressed me deeply. Highly recommend engaging Jeff and his digital marketing company if you get the opportunity as he will bring your business to the next level!

Veronica Lim, CEO Solutions

5 Reasons You Should Choose Digital Green Tea – A Santa Monica SEO Company

When it comes to getting more sales for your business there are many benefits to hiring a search engine optimization company to do the heavy lifting. One way to generate sales is by accumulating real traffic to your website. Our Santa Monica SEO company will ensure your business has all of the necessary elements in place to generate organic traffic to your website, and subsequently earn more sales.

We know that time is limited. Your business can not thrive without you, but you also do not have the time to worry about all of the complex steps involved with proper SEO. With Santa Monica SEO, we take pride in our professionalism. Simply sit back, relax and watch your traffic and sales numbers multiply. If results alone is not a good reason to contact us, here are a few more:

Cost Effectiveness

Santa Monica SEO is one of the most cost-efficient ways to generate marketing leads and online sales. Whether you are a plumber in Dallas or a dentist in South Korea, a business owner can either invest in themselves long term through a proven online marketing method or throw money away through advertising methods. The choice is yours to make. An SEO expert specializes in obtaining page 1 results for their clients, no matter the size of the budget. We will work with you as a partner and provide a realistic solution based on the services that will work best for your business. We have a result focused methodology and will only deliver results in a cost-effective manner. While other Internet Marketing and SEO agencies will try to push programs that drive up the cost, we remain conscious and focused on helping you make more money.

Predictable Proven Process

You can rely on Santa Monica SEO services to deliver legitimate and direct results to your business. While most SEO agencies can only claim to deliver a service, with our research and background, we are able to deliver a consistent increase in traffic A.K.A. results for our clients. This is accomplished by using years of data and proven methods that only serve to increase traffic to your website.

Online Brand Presence

Let a Santa Monica SEO Expert enhance the credibility of your online brand. Positioning your business on the first page of search engine results with blog writing and effecting content gives your brand trust and authentic credibility which consumers are looking for. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo have conditioned us to believe that the first links that appear on a search engine results page are the best brands available. Good brands establish a legitimate online presence. The worst thing that could happen is for your competitors to be ranked above you for key phrases related to your business. Our SEO experts can help improve your brand with efficient and effective implementation. Not only will being ranked on page one help your brand image but also it will help increase organic traffic to your business. The reality is that consumers prefer trusted brands and purchase from trusted brands.

Stand Out Above Everyone Else

There are billions of websites on the Internet, however very few are uniquely designed for search engine optimization. After all, only one person can be ranked number one. One way to stand out amongst the rest of your competitors in your niche is to have a website that is designed and built with SEO in mind – a great way to accomplish this is by hiring a web developer to create a custom theme for your website such as one from Codester. In the eyes of a customer, your website will appear popular and authoritative thanks to the search results. Most companies do not take the time or simply don’t have the ability to perform this duty, and either opt to outsource it or ignore it. Don’t make this crucial mistake. Without a properly formatted and functioning website, customers will have an increasingly difficult time finding and acknowledging your brand. The worst thing that can happen to your website is to be lost in the sea of cyberspace and invisible to Google. Santa Monica SEO will make sure your website is up to code and utilizes only the latest SEO practices. With the help of our SEO experts, you will never get lost in the crowd again.

Long Lasting Results

Santa Monica SEO provides the necessary brainpower and expertise to keep your website healthy and performing at a high level for a long time. This is accomplished by focusing on teamwork, sustainability and SEO best practices. Unlike other online advertising methods that stop bringing traffic the moment you stop paying, SEO can provide results long after the implementation has been executed. Choosing the right SEO agency for your brand will make all of the difference.

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